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Artificial Insemination In Ct

The final step in the invitro processes is the embryo transfer the embryo transfer is done with the patient lying in supine position usually not sedated uh. in done very similar to what a woman may experience when having her pap smear done it’s done under ultrasound guidance so we can see the specific and exact place the embryos are placed in the tutorial you can see our our IVF coordinator doing an ultrasound to allow me to visualize that proper placement after the transfer is done the patient will lie.

Uh. supine for fifteen minutes or so after the embryo transfer you can see on the tutorial screen we’ll show this to the patients the area of the bladder that is being pointed at to the area of the uterus which is roughly the size of the thumb and the specific area here looking at the placement of the embryos at the end after the embryo transfer has been accomplished typically the patient will receive pictures from the ultrasound embryo transfer placement this patient actually got two pictures and we like to call this baby’s first picture.

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