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Artificial Insemination Jakarta

Sumatran rhino conservation program rescue through natural breeding continues, the effort was made to increase the number of rhinos in the wild population. But with the help of modern technology, the researchers hope to increase the population of Sumatran rhinos. Sumatran rhino population in the wild is declining, the number of endangered species that currently only 300 left. Variety of ways including the conservation in captivity is now sought to increase the number of Sumatran rhinos. Conservation efforts using breeding technologies are also being pursued in rhino conservation managers Way Kambas National Park, Lampung and effort.

It slowly started getting results with Andatu birth, a child born last year. Birth Andatu a feat in itself for rhino conservation over the last century due to a complete record of the reproductive cycle, researchers can tell when a rhinoceros could be fertilized and produce offspring. Last couple of years we’ve been getting the female reproductive cycle pattern, then a good quality male, healthy rhino conditions must then how to maintain the pregnancy of a rhino itself is we do, then how to care for children This time, the researchers are preparing to serve three rhinos and stud breeders, they.

Are also preparing artificial insemination techniques in order to increase the rhino population in captivity. use of technology to increase the animal population is expected to help horned Sumatran rhino is not extinct. The pseudonatural so do not leave us there are natural but human intervention for how the rhino could meet so he could support a longer life Sumatran rhino population today is the least compared to the other five species, if successful conservation program, expected within the next five years some rhinos can be released into the wild.

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