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Artificial Insemination Job Description

Does the turkey baster method work I’m sure there are women who have used it to get pregnant from the contents of a condom, though I don’t know how many would admit to it. It is supposed to be a natural form of artificial insemination. Sex would be the natural form of insemination. Turkey basters are a distant second, even with a turkey. Why would someone use the turkey baster instead of the natural method A woman wants to have a baby and he uses a condom so she doesn’t, and she uses the.

Turkey baster to get pregnant while telling him it must have failed. I wonder how often that story fails. Then there are the occasional lesbians who want to get pregnant but can’t afford a sperm bank plus doctor’s visit. There are even women who share the same sperm sample and do it with the turkey baster to avoid paying a doctor. So it does work. I don’t think it’s as effective as when a doctor does it, but when you’re that do it yourself, there aren’t the same stats as fertility doctors collect.

That explains why you only hear anecdotes and not the 15 success rate of some clinics. The odds are higher for natural conceptions. Even if the guy is nearly sterile, all the extra handling doesn’t help with the situation. You make it sound like only lesbians use the turkey baster method. And single women who don’t want to be, and think they’ll be married after this. I’ve read you could even order sperm online and use it, for private fertility treatment at home. If you use sperm from a guy you know, he doesn’t divorce himself from the donation unless it.

Does the Turkey Baster Method Work

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