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Artificial Insemination Kansas City

Back in 2009 William A Rod up from kansas saw an ad on Craigslist from a lesbian couple the lesbian couple wanted to get pregnant and they were looking for sperm donor well Murata wanted to help them out so he did offer three cups up his sperm not couples but three cups of this program folks go to the lesbian couple so they can’t use it for artificial insemination well but lesbian couple didn’t use the sperm and needed to become pregnant and they had a little girl in got March I’m sorry December 2009.

Now five years later unfortunately the couple separated and one of them got extremely sick and they needed help financially to raise their daughter so the petition the state to get some sort of governmental assistance so they can take care of their child well the process of doing so the state of Kansas ruled that the sperm donor is actually the one who is financially responsible for the child even know he signed paperwork indicating that he would not be financially responsible or have any parental responsibility what so ever.

So this did go to court and the Shawnee County District Court Judge Mary how mighty I’m site me TV has said that nope sorry since you did not go to a physician and do the artificial insemination that way you will be responsible for the financial wellbeing at this child now when are you was great is how do we know you are in a romantic relationship well both sides have testified that they were not so that’s not really in dispute it all so we we know that he wasn’t.

Years After Donating Sperm, Man Ordered To Pay Child Support

He was in tormenting relationship he didn’t have sex with her he did not intend to be the legal father that child and the court knows that but it scares so they like I oh yeah you would help lesbians well we’re gonna make you pay the price for now look I hope to god those the you know the Google the couple arm work that when now the guy has forced to give them a check when he was just trying to help them out I hope to god they returned the check to.

Maritime now he’s still going to be on the hook for legal costs yes so let me tell you the specifics on that this is ridiculous so the state would have saved money if they didn’t bite this case if they would just granted the lesbian couple the assistance they need to raise a child up but instead it’s gonna cost the state money to go after this guy so with it was about four thousand dollars and the judge ruled that he has to pay the state back the four thousand dollars he needs to pay is own legal bills.

And then on top of that he has to pay tens of thousands of dollars in child support just because they did not go through with the position and I should also be clear why they made that decision if you go to a doctor to get artificially inseminated it could cost as much as three thousand dollars a try and there’s no guarantee that it’ll work the first try well I’m amazed by that work without the doctor I mean yeah that was kinda mean like increasing cup so sperm and I guess the.

Turkeybased who did the job I’m shocked by that but it working to get them pregnant and I did say what they want to say the three thousand dollars and its is a shame how went down like ideally of course would be would have stayed together in this they would not forget about the dog is a good thing the carrier care that you’re on the road of course is what everybody wanted a while except what people in cases didn’t want them together in the first place at all.

Didn’t want them to have acted right yeah in this kinda sets legal really terrible precedent and I’m not saying that this will ever happen I’m thinking about like the most ridiculous scenario but what if there’s a woman who really wants to get pregnant right just like the guy who uses a condom and let’s say later on she inseminate herself with his sperm so is he going to be financially responsible for her are responsible for the baby very like it yeah crazy scenario I understand but like it under that sexy watching I know but that’s actually a much more reasonable.

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