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Artificial Insemination Oklahoma

It’s a great honor and I appreciate being selected, but there’s all kinds of good teachers at this place, and across the state as far as that’s concerned, to be selected as the one for any given year is just like wow. It’s pretty humbling actually. I think first of all that it’s just really important to me that they learn. And that’s more important than necessarily always make them happy. I don’t make them happy all the time, but I hope I can make them want to learn. And that’s what I always try to do. I want to present things in a way.

That they can see the importance and why they should know this and then motivated to know it. You don’t succeed in that all the time, but you don’t ever stop trying. I love college kids. I mean they are the most exciting people on the planet to me because they’re growing and they’re changing and trying to figure out who it is they want to be and what they are going to do with their lives and they let me be part of that. That’s the best job in the world.

He’s very involved. He goes out of his way to make time for you, for the other class members. He is more than willing to spend time talking about any subject that we should need or if we need to elaborate more time on a subject he takes the time to make that happen. Being from the part of the country I’m from, I don’t know a lot of people up here and he’s really helped me to get involved. He’s helped me find some opportunities to get involved around campus,.

Dr. Steve Damron 2010 Oklahoma Professor of the Year

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