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How To Check Of Pregnancy At Home

gt;gt;Hi everyone, I’m Andrea Orbeck, fitnessexpert and pregnancy fitness specialist. I have with me today Carrie. She is in her secondtrimester. Together, we’re gonna show you some of the exercises you can do in your first,second, and third trimester. We’re gonna do a 10 minute circuit. All you’re gonna needis some water, 3 to 5 pound hand weights, and a good attitude. So, we have 10 minuteson the clock. Here we go. You’re gonna start out with a little bit a big motor movementswith your legs. Carrie is gonna show a nice wide plie. Shoulders down and back. Palmsup at your shoulders and we’re gonna do squats for 15 repetitions where you go. Very good.So, you know, it’s a couple great things.

Good posture, nice open knees, and you’rewanting to squat into your glutes through your heels and through the quads. Very good.This exercise is really gonna come in handy as you start to get heavier in your latertrimesters; you’ll need the strength in your legs. Very good. Counting down five, fourmore, last three, awesome posture. Two more from here and one. Very good. So now, we’regonna move in to the cardio component. A little bit closer, wide base of support. 30 secondson the clock. Nice quick movements. Where you go? Very good. So this movement will notonly continue to stimulate your legs and your quads, you’ll also get a little bit more heartrate. It’s very important to do your cardio

simply because your system is working already.You wanna be able to complement it. Very good. So you’ll notice her weight’s on her heels.Shoulders down and back. Can you start feeling your heart rate? gt;gt;Oh yeah. gt;gt;Very good. Nicejob. You wanna make sure you’re breathing nice and deep. Five more. 4 more seconds.Three, two, and one. So now, we’re gonna move into dead lifts. You wanna use 5 to 8 poundhand weights. Nice and slow. 15 repetitions through this movement. Hinging at the hips.Stand up nice and tall. So your breathing pattern is to bend over. Inhale and then exhaleas you come up. Very good. You’ll notice that Carrie’s posture is nice and tall at the top.Shoulders down and back. Knees are slightly

bent. Now, of course, if you get winded oryou need a break, you go ahead and take it. Very good. Dead lift are extremely importantbecause as your center of gravity starts to change, you wanna be able to be able to practicebending over and standing up. It’s a very important skill to have. This our last five,Carrie. Very good with breath and posture. Four from here. We have bent over rows comingup. Last two. Last one. Standing, catch your breath. So the next one, we’re gonna continueto complement that posture kinetic chain, which is your posture. You’re gonna bend onover nice and deep in the knees and then pull through. Very good. So, we’re 15 repetitionsagain. Now, of course, as you start to get

very heavy in the boobs, there’s gonna bea tendency to slouch. So, you wanna be able to make sure all these muscles are strongto oppose that slouch. Very good posture. Can you feel the back doing the work? Good.Her setup is good. She has five more from here. Last three. Last two. Good girl. Lastone. So, we’re gonna move back into that cardio component and a little bit of abs. Singlearm, pull, elbows to knees, 15 seconds where you go on the clock and begin. Excellent.So, this is a great way to do standing core training to get all those rectus abdominismuscles and the deeper they’re called transverse. They help the core conditioning and your lowerback. Four more. Last three seconds. Two and

one. Switching sides. Very good. Good. So,doing single leg exercises can be beneficial because we compromise our stability. If youfeel that you need a chair close by, go ahead and use it. Awesome posture. Good speed. Good.All right. So, here you go. I’m gonna have you do nice and tall biceps curl, shouldersdown and back. Very good. So just because you’re growing and all of your changes inyour 40 weeks doesn’t mean that you have to compromise your arms. It’s really importantto keep your core conditioning out. We’re gonna do five more from here. Four more. Verygood. Last three ’til triceps. Two and one. Catch your breath. We’re gonna do bent overtriceps at the back of the arms, pull into


Hey guys my name is Myka if you haven’t alreadyseen my channel and today I’m doing a live pregnancy test. A little background of myinformation we recently had a miscarriage at 6 weeks so my husband and I are reallyhoping and praying we are pregnant. He does not know I am taking this test right now andI am just… We really weren’t trying and is just one of those things that idk justdeep down in our hearts we were just ready and if the good Lord is just ready for usto have a baby then let it be and if not then not a big deal. I feel I am and having a lotof symptoms. I just think that I am so lets find out if I’m crazy or pregnant. Ok letme dip the stick, ok. A lot of people said

why would you tell people again after havinga miscarriage so early and I told me husband that you know what it doesn’t matter if wetell people early because if something happens thats real life and we are not hiding it fromanyone. I’m doing a First Response test and just dippedit. We are not trying to hide this from anyone and so we want everyone to know the truth,we have nothing to hide. So this the standard line you be able to see coming up and you’resupposed to wait 3 minutes. OMG, I dont know you are able to see it but I am seeing a lineand it hasn’t even been a minute. Oh my gosh, this is awesome! Oh my goodness can you guyssee that? It might be tricky. I wonder if

it will get darker? I am going to have tofind a cute way to tell Jimmy. Oh my gosh thats awesome! Like, literally 2 months agowe were pregnant and we lost the baby and now I’m pregnant this month again with totallydifferent little one. Just crazy when you think about it that way. Can you see that?Wow, thats pretty strong too. Alright, its official we are having a baby! Pregnancy vlogswill begin every Tuesday I will do my weekly updates and belly shot and I am going to startat 4 weeks all the till I give birth. Be sure to subscribe to my channel to make sure yousee all the updates! I feel like the last pregnancy where we had a miscarriage, I keptblaming myself and felt like I wasn’t eating

enough or silly things that it was my fault.I hope that this is not the case but I have a feeling I am going to gain like 70 pounds!Stay tuned and thank you so much for watching. Be sure to subscribe so you can keep up withour updates and have a fabulous day! Bye guys!.

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