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How To Do A Home Pregnancy Test Without The Test

Pregnancy test from urine test strip Do Not Dip More Then Line Dip In To Urine 10 Second Place The Test Strip On Flat Surface Wait 2 Minute For Result Of Test Strip Make Sure Control Line Should Be Visible For Correct The Result.

How to Know if Youre Pregnant Without a Pregnancy Test

Tell me how to know if you’re pregnant without a pregnancy test. Labor is a pretty sure sign. I mean before that, really before that. If you look like you have a beer belly and you dont drink beer, thats a pretty good sign. Ive heard weight gain is a good sign of pregnancy.

Youre eating for one point one people, not two, so you shouldnt gain more than thirty pounds by the ninth month. However, if your breasts start growing, thats a likely sign. How much do they grow? Theyll grow around one cup size plus another cup while youre nursing. Consider it natures free boob job.

But you get all out of shape in other ways. Some women maintain a tight figure after pregnancy by not pigging out, but you do tend to see the hips widen. Ive heard of that and widening feet. But thats going to hit around the third trimester, whereas youll feel like a preteen with chest pain the first trimester as the breasts start growing.

What about morning sickness? If the sight of steak or smell of fish suddenly make you ill, and you didnt watch too many PETA tutorials, then it can be a sign of pregnancy. Ive had nausea. Not all women who are pregnant get morning sickness, and many of them simply have nausea with occasional vomiting. It is the rare chick who throws up every day for days on end.

Thats a heck of a stomach bug. Except it isnt over for nine months, though you do get a cute little baby at the end. How else can you know you are pregnant without a pregnancy test? Do sonograms count? Thats even more expensive than a pregnancy test. Many people know they are pregnant by the fact that their period has not come.

Some women spot. Some women spot when the embryo implants, and some spot for one or more cycles after it implants, though if they get a whole rush of blood, it is a miscarriage. What do you think I should do? If you think youre pregnant, schedule an appointment with the to confirm you are pregnant and start prenatal vitamins.

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