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How To Do Early Pregnancy

Pregnancy symptoms vary greatly so don’t worry if you’re experience is different from another woman’s. I am Obasa Osawe. Here are five common symptoms you might experience in the first trimester. The first is fatigue. Many women feel incredibly tired as their bodies adjust to carrying a baby. The best treatment for this is rest. Another is vomiting, you may throw up out of the blue or feel nauseated, sensitivity to certain foods or specific smells is also very common and that is normal. Speaking of your stomach, gas is a big one on the list.

Lots of women feel very gassy early on in pregnancy. you may experience some tenderness in your breast, a big boost in pregnancy size is also very common. That’s a very good reason to get some cute new bras. Finally, some women have bleeding gums or tenderness in their mouth. Follow up with your dentist to make sure that this is normal. These reactions could continue throughout pregnancy. However if you experience some vaginal bleeding, cramping, pain, severe headaches or fluid leaking from your vagina, I would recommend that you consult.

Why is My Stomach so Bloated in Early Pregnancy

Why is my stomach so bloated in early pregnancy? Im assuming you are not way off on your due date. The did a sonogram, so we know how far along I am. And are you doing double duty? No, it is not twins. Are you eating as if youre eating for two? You could be putting on the pounds way faster.

Than you should. Youre supposed to gain around forty pounds over the course of the pregnancy. Ten of those are the baby, ten are blood and guts youll lose during delivery, maybe five to ten are in your bigger breasts and feet and the rest are the extra few pounds of baby fat. So do not gain forty pounds.

At this point, you should only feel forty pounds heavier because of the fatigue from throwing up or extra demands on the cardiovascular system. I have been throwing up a lot. That can lead to dehydration, so you need to drink a lot. I try to drink as much as I can. You could have bloating because of high salt intake from food cravings, but insufficient.

Hydration to rinse it out. So chips without a lot to drink can cause me to feel bloated. To be fair, it could be the constant snacking on chocolate, ice cream and sweets without enough oatmeal and other sources of fiber. Im already peeing for two. Why poop for two? You may feel bloated because you are not eating enough fiber.

Drinking more water should help with the passing too. Try drinking more water to ease the bloating due to water retention and fiber to solve that due to gas. And spend even more time in the bathroom. What else is going on? Remember that the stomach is going to expand as the kid grows, and your hips are supposed to widen permanently. Do not blame things on bloating that are normal body changes.

This is more than normal body changes. Then you can blame the progesterone that makes the soft muscle tissue relax so the uterus expands, but it slows down digestion. Ive been told thats why pregnant women fart and burp more. You can blame it all on the baby, and if you want, continue to do so after the kids in your lap.

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