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How To Do Glucose Test During Pregnancy

Glucose Test

I go for my 24 week appointment. I think that’s when I’m supposed to get that glucose test where they make you chug that nasty stuff. I heard it’s nasty so I’m just preparing. Gestational diabetes is something that is so common in pregnancy. There’s so many changes going on in the body that is common enough in pregnancy it warrants screening everybody. They did the glucose tolerance test so basically I needed to go in and drink this really sweet drink. It’s basically orange soda but it’s sweeter. They gave me three minutes to do it. I was dreading it because everyone was like, quot;Oh, it’s terrible.quot; But I got to the ‘s office and my chilled it. That’s the secret to getting it down. I’ve.

Heard that a lot of women say it’s disgusting, I didn’t find it disgusting. I just found it that it tastes like orange soda. She goes crazy with the orange liquid. They marked exactly the time in which I finished drinking it and I needed to have my blood drawn an hour later. If they don’t pass their first one hour glucose challenge there is a subsequent test that will be more diagnostic. And that involves fasting, it involves taking another sugar drink and then measuring your sugar every hour for three subsequent hours. And that is a better diagnostic test. From there if you don’t pass that test then you’re considered.

Diabetic and there’s a lot of risk factors associated with being diabetic in pregnancy. It’s hard to understand that you can have either a big baby or a small baby and you can have a healthy baby or an unhealthy baby. And the growth can be good or the birth can be bad but both of those things are a possibility when you have gestational diabetes. So sugar monitoring becomes of utmost importance. You want to make sure that you’re checking your sugars. That you are eating the right foods, that you’re counseled appropriately in terms of what to eat and what not to eat. How often do you check your sugars? Do you need to control this by diet? Do you need medicines by mouth to help you control it? Or in the extreme.

Circumstance do you need insulin to help you regulate your sugars? And you’ll also be followed by high risk maternal fetal medicine in order to ensure that everything is going well in your pregnancy. Waiting for the results was you know, a little nerve wracking because I think you know, anytime you’re having a test done on your child you always want to hear that it’s good but all the results were good and so. she was fine and so was I.

Failed Glucose Test During Pregnancy

A failed glucose test during pregnancy can be a sign of bigger issues with your pregnancy. Talking to your or midwife about these issues, can ensure the continued good progress of your pregnancy. However, these tests are no reason to panic. Knowing what you are up against, can make your pregnancy go smoother and leave you with a more peaceful mind. Many women come down with gestation diabetes. This can be because of a genetic predisposition or because of eating habits.

No matter the cause, medication or diet change may be necessary. Your will usually work with you to create a control plan. However, testing positive on a glucose test does not mean you have gestational diabetes. When you test positive the will want to do more testing to determine if you actually have gestational diabetes. This is because the test to screen for glucose levels is designed to catch as many possibly atrisk women as possible Upon testing positive the will begin a new series of tests to determine your diabetic.

Status. This will usually be done in the form of a glucose tolerance test. Only 33% of women who have a failed glucose test during pregnancy will test positive for gestational diabetes. The results of this test are usually very quick to come back. While you may be waiting a few days, you will not be waiting much longer than this. Once this test is completed you will know if you have gestational diabetes. Even if you test negative your may want to change your routine to prevent you.

From developing diabetes. Failing a glucose test while you are pregnant can be scary, but it does not always point to a larger issue. With further testing and communication you can ensure the safety of your pregnancy. Continued treatment after this test will take the results into account as well.

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