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How To Get Pregnancy Books On Sims 3

After trying for a baby and hearing a melody it is confirmed that your sim is pregnant Morning sickness will follow And your Sim’s belly expands around 25 hours after trying for baby, it will expand twice After the belly expands there are two new interactions: Rub Belly and Talk to Belly If the pregnant Sim works, they will get a day’s pay even if they don’t go, and if they do it’s still an extra pay. Pregnancy lasts about 3 Sim days and then they give birth.

This cinematic will play automatically But that cinematic will only work for 1 baby Twins are a low chance that one can’t increase without cheats or mods (I wasn’t planning for twins here, this was against the odds) And the second goes out just like that In Sims 2 you can only have twins, if you want triplets or more you’ll have to use mods.

Last thing to do is give the first name In Sims 3 is the same, after trying for baby you’ll hear a melody to confirm the pregnancy And again, morning sickness will follow Same time as in the Sims 2, 1 day later the pregnancy starts being acknowledged Your Sim can announce the pregnancy Similar interactions just this time they’re: Feel Tummy, Listen to Tummy, and Talk to Tummy.

Something new is that you can affect the chance of the baby’s gender Eat 3 watermelons a day for girls or 3 apples a day for boys during the pregnancy To increase the chance of multiple babies, you can watch the kid’s channel, listen to the kid’s radio station or read a pregnancy book But the most effective will be to purchase the fertility treatment in lifetime rewards You can have the baby at your home, you just wait a few Sim hours You will be asked to name your baby and if the pregnancy went well you’ll get to pick 2 traits.

And the baby will be born right there If you prefer the , your Sim can go alone or someone can accompany her Once you’re there you can watch everyone freak out while your Sim calmly enters the Again, pick name and traits and you’re all set The place where the baby is born doesn’t affect anything In Sims 4 you don’t hear a melody anymore.

Instead you can take a pregnancy test for a few simoleons right after trying for baby And she can announce it right away. Her clothing will adapt to her belly Morning sickness will come later The way to increase the odds for multiple births are the same as in Sim 3 Just this time is Strawberries and Pop music for Girls, and Carrots with Alternative music for Boys Interaction for pregnant Sims are: Ask to Feel Tummy and Ask baby’s due date.

Sims can’t give birth unless there’s a crib in the house If your Sim’s too poor Social services will provide one Labor can last a lot longer here But you also get to do a lot of stuff before delivering a baby Like yelling at your partner Even taking a nap!.

(you can go to the but i didn’t because the rabbithole is replaced with get to work’s and i don’t want to show expansions) Once the baby is being delivered you are asked to give a name (Again, I wasn’t planning for twins here) Once that’s done the baby will be delivered right infront of the crib If you get twins the second one will just appear near the first baby No worries, just chillin’.

The Sims 3 50 Easter Eggs and Secrets

Ahh the sims 3. A vast real life simulation game where you could upgrade a stove by hitting it with a hammer for 14 hours and you cant go to work because a box of pizza is blocking the door. And of course, like in every game, there should be some secrets and easter eggs silently lurking deep in the game.

Waiting to be found. Hello guys my name is onlyabidoang and this is 50 easter eggs and secrets in The Sims 3 *screams* Lets start with the first one. Sometimes a hot air balloon will fly above your town.

If you zoom into the balloons basket, you should see two fake sims in it. It seems that theyre a couple. Sometimes when you look up to the sky, you could see a plane passing by the neighborhood. In sunset valley, if you press tab and go inside the left side of the school,.

You can see a us map. Similarly, on the right side of the school, theres also another US map but its reversed If you take a look inside the police station rabbit hole, theres an image of a real person but it seems blurred.

It also uses the same image as wallpapers for both left and right walls of the police station. If you take a look at the door of the bistro in Sunset Valley, theres a blue logo plastered on it. Its actually a reversed old EA logo. The logo can also be seen in other places,.

But most of them aren’t reversed. Theres a fish called tragic clownfish. Its name and appearance is taken from the Tragic Clown, which is an NPC from The Sims 1 that entertains sims but will always fail horribly. Theres also another tragic clown reference on a carton of milk.

Whenever a sim is cooking. If you take a look behind it, theres a picture of Tragic Clown, probably stating that hes missing. Still talking about Tragic Clown, if you go to Pleasant Rest Graveyard in Sunset Valley, you will find his grave.

Based by the color of his ghost, the cause of death is by by drowning, but it seems rather odd since he has the hydrophobic trait. When you revive him, he wears a top hat and still has his clown make up. If you edit him and remove his makeup,.

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