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How To Get Pregnant At First Try

Now that you and your partner have decidedto get ready for a baby, you probably want to get started right away. I am ObosaOsawe. Here are five ways to set the stage for a speedy conception. Maintain a healthyweight � a minimum of 22 % body fat is necessary to ovulate normally and carry a pregnancy,but being overweight can alter your hormone chemistry and prevent ovulation, so find abalance. Next, eat right. Good nutrition is especially important when you are trying toget pregnant. You will need plenty of vitamins and minerals to prime your body for pregnancy.Also, quit smoking. Smoking is associated with early miscarriages, low birth weight,and other issues, and it’s definitely not

good for you anyway. Know your cycle � keeptrack of when you’re ovulating, and have sex the day before, the day of, and the day after.Timing is really important. Finally, when you have sex, avoid lube. Lube creates anadditional barrier for sperm. They already have to cross the woman’s cervical mucus toreach the egg, so this extra hurdle doesn’t help. Plus the stimulants in lube can damageindividual sperm. Most importantly, don’t stress about getting pregnant right away.Relax and enjoy this exciting time with your partner.

Weird Things Couples Do To Get Pregnant

(intensely sighs) What are you watching? That tire commercial. Oh the one with the cute baby? Why, you want a baby now or something? Are you serious? I’m serious. I’m being serious. Man Yeah so am I. Okay so according to my calculations, if we have a baby, we won’t be able to eat

or go on vacation ever again. Okay. We’re also going tohave to cancel cable. What! No I’m out. Hey, hot stuff, wanna make a baby? (cheers with excitement) Why do you have leaveyour pee glasses everywhere? It’s for my ovulation test. Yeah, but these areour drinking glasses.

I clean them out. Ugh. Nope. Hey, sweetie. It’s time, I’m ovulating. Alright, I’ll just makeit quick. It’s overtime. Alright. They have like lobsterstuff, It was pretty cool. They have samples of lobster? Well it was like an imitation lobster.

Was it good? Eh, it was Costco lobster. What are you doing? I’m keeping ’em from falling out. Nope. Okay. I’m taking off. Alright babe, love you. Love you too. Don’t jerk off. I’m not going to jerk off. It lowers your spermcount, don’t jerk off.

I know. Bye. Bye. Tell me to not to jerk off.(door opens) Forgot my phone. Are you kidding me? I’ve been gone like 25 seconds. Come on. It’s the dessert round. It’s got to be now. Ugh. Really helping toset the mood here dude.

(phone chimes) You’re playing Candy Crush? Yeah. Get the blue one. Nope. What are we doing wrong? Ooh what about this position? I don’t think I can bend that way. (sneezes)

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