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How To Get Pregnant Fast After Being On Birth Control

What is the best way to get pregnant after depo? After the Depo Provera shot? Go on the Pill. I said I want to make a baby, not prevent one. The birth control pill forces your body to get back into its cycle. Youll ovulate and have periods on the Pill, while Depo usually stops it. How long do I have to be on the Pill?.

One or two cycles should work. then stop the pill and try to get pregnant. What else would work? Theres the natural alternative. Whats that? Have sex at least twice a week every week for a year after the shot wears off. You should naturally get pregnant at some point unless there is something wrong.

You make it sound so simple and straightforward. You dont have to be straightforward. Almost any position will work. Can they reverse the shot? Nope. If you got the shot, it is in effect for the full three months. Can I get pregnant when it wears off? Theoretically, you can get pregnant the next cycle after the 90 days after the last shot.

Though some women need another month or two before they start ovulating again. Its suppressing your fertility. Its a contraceptive. That is what it is supposed to do. Is there any way to speed things up or accelerate the process? You could get on a healthy diet now, start prenatal vitamins and prepare your body for pregnancy.

That is prepwork but not going to result in pregnancy. Start taking Mexican yam supplements or eating lots of soy. That is said to help fertility. Or I could just start buying fertility charms. Save money and pray at the feet of various fertility gods. Itd make an interesting honeymoon for your hubby, too. Why would he go?.

Best Way to Get Pregnant After IUD Removal

What is the best way to get pregnant after iud removal? It’s simple, have sex with the intended father. Very funny doc. It can take months to get pregnant after ending some forms of birth control. You could get pregnant the very next month after having an IUD removed. Though we recommend having at least one full menstrual cycle before trying, just to clear everything out.

Clean house before the baby moves in. that makes sense. If you had one that released hormones in addition to scraping the uterine wall, it could take longer to get pregnant. How much longer? After taking out an IUD, about 80% of women get pregnant in the next year. Average is closer to 90%.

I’m surprised you think someone could get pregnant so fast after ending a contraceptive method. Unlike the shot or even the birth control pill, the IUD does not affect your hormones. It does not suppress ovulation. It helped suppress extra bleeding. I do not want to go through more menstrual cycles than I have to.

Get a dozen ovulation tests. right after your period ends, use the tests daily. To find out when I ovulate. And start having sex as soon as it may be positive, and keep going until you’re well past the ovulation point. We do need rest breaks. Once a day is fine. Every other day will probably do the trick.

Then we’ll be pregnant. You’ve got a 10% to 15% chance each month, but this plan will maximize the odds of it. What else could we do to maximize the odds? Start prenatal vitamins now. Make sure you both have stopped smoking, doing drugs, consuming alcohol to excess Alcohol? But thats how a lot of people get pregnant in the first place.

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