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How To Get Pregnant Fast Wikihow

Hey everyone, welcome back to my channel. So many of you have been requesting to see what I eat in a day, while I’m pregnant, so here’s that tutorial. If you want to keep watching you’ll see all of my favorite meals. Definitely comment below and tell me which one you would love to try! 🙂 I love you guys and let’s get started! So when get pregnant your organs get pushed all the way up to your rib cage. So you don’t have a whole lot of room in your stomach for big meals. That’s why I like to stick to fruit in the morning and juice because I can really only handle so much in my stomach at a time. So i’m going to have some pineapple today and then i’m also going to have some pomegranate cherry juice

Mixing this with lemon is like my obsession. So i’ve been having this pretty much every single morning. For a vegan, I don’t actually eat a lot of vegetables. But I love this next meal because I can eat fresh vegetables and they actually taste really good to me. I’m going to slice some vegetables, i’m using cucumber, carrots, and red pepper. And you want to slice them really thin for this recipe. Then cook up some vermicelli. I love this rice noodle, it’s so yummy. And I put a little bit of soy sauce and some pepper to give it some flavor

But once it’s mixed up, i’m going to have all of my stuff. So cucumber, carrot, red pepper, noodles, and lettuce. And then I’m going to start arranging my rice paper. Basically you just put this in some warm water for five seconds. And it becomes really easy to work with. And then i’m going to pile in some veggies and start rolling it up. So once you’ve rolled them all up. They’re cold fresh rice paper rolls. They’re so yummy.

And i’m going to put some sesame seeds on top And then i’m going to serve them with soy sauce and vinegar and then I put some fresh garlic in there. It tastes so good you guys gotta try it. Next i’m gonna make some fries You can make them from scratch or you can just use frozen ones, doesn’t matter Make sure those are cooking And while those are cooking were going to prep the most exciting part. Which is the dip

I’m going to be making a vegan ranch. All you need is some salt, pepper, garlic powder vegenaise and apple cider vinegar I’m going to put the recipes below you guys can make this one at home. And it taste just like ranch, I don’t understand how but it does. And I love it so much I’ve been having this so often. So to finish up these buffalo ranch fries of course you need buffalo sauce

And Frank’s entire line of hot sauces are vegan so i’m going to use the buffalo wing sauce Which is like my absolute favorite And i’m putting this on top of the fries now that they’re cooked I really like to put the ranch sauce in a little Ziploc and twist it like i’m icing a cake That way I can just drizzle it on top of the fries and it has a really thin application. This is my favorite way to eat french fries lately This is so much more lower in fat than actual dairy . And it tastes way way better

4 Touch Tricks That Feel Like Magic

*quiet electronic music* sound and touch Our sense of touch is intrinsically linked to our sense of hearing. Many surfaces make sounds when touched like rough sand paper. These sounds effect how we feel them. You can try it with this test. Write a short sentence with chalk on a chalkboard. You can write anything. Now put in a pair of earplugs and write the same sentence again. The chalkboard should feel much smoother when you can’t hear the chalk crunching on the board. That’s so weird. *ding* the imaginary string The power of suggestion has a lot of influence over our senses. What our brains imagine can influence how we feel things. Let’s trick your brain with this test.

Fold your hands then extend both your forefingers leaving them about 1 inch apart. Have a friend circle their forefinger around your fingers telling you to imagine they’re tying your fingers with a string. Almost against your will your fingers will start moving together. so much for free will huh? Hot or cold Our senses adapt to the stimuli around them. That’s why when there’s a loud fan humming in the background eventually we tune it out. Our ears adapt to the noise. We can also trick our sense of touch. Take three bowls of water. One hot, one icy cold, and one warm. Put one of your hands in the hot water and one in cold water.Let them sit for about a minute. Then take them out and put both of your hands into the warm water. Your senses won’t be able to tell what temperature the warm water is.

They’ll feel like the opposite temperature they were before. quot;That felt really weird.quot; Guess you can’t trust anything. *bong* The dead finger illusion Our brains have an intrinsic sense of ownership over our bodies. When what the brain sees and what it feels are different, our brains get confused and a sense of numbness can occur. You can try it with this test. Press your hand against someone else’s. With the fingers of your other hand stroke both of the forefingers. You should feel like your forefinger is numb. quot;feels like anesthesia in my handquot; Creepy! Can you handle it?.

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