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How To Get Pregnant Meditation

Welcome to the prayer for fertility, prayer for getting pregnant and prayers for conception this is simply a tutorial I put together where I like to pray for anyone within the sound of my voice about prayer for infertility all I ask you to do is to agree with me as we seek our Heavenly Father together please continue to meditate on the spur for yourself speaker daily or listen to this tutorial over and over again and allow the Word of God concerning fertility getting pregnant and powerful prayer for conception to reach deep.

Into your spirit let us pray heavenly father we gather together here online and coming to agreement on the wonderful and powerful name of Jesus return more gathered there you shall surely be in anything we agree upon is touching you will surely do the Bible says that if there’s any unforgiveness that it should be dealt with before praying therefore we release any anger bad feelings resentment or any other wrong attitude before you now we laid at your feet and.

We release our forgive those who have wronged us i looked at those watching this tutorial and we come into agreement lift up fertility getting pregnant and prayers for conception we lift up the listener and their spouse father even you call believers on earth prayer for fertility your children you know how precious being a parent is and how wonderful having a family can be those listening this tutorial desire to be pregnant to.

Conceive to give birth and this is according to your will and we know that what we ask that lines up with your will you will do together we come into prayer for getting pregnant agreement right now and bind any hindrance to the listener and their spouse from getting pregnant we break the power of anything stopping them from coming to pass in Jesus name we speak life into the womb and loosed a healing and creative power of God into that room right now we ask that the listener their.

Spouse have an increase in their fertility conceive and get pregnant with a healthy baby in the wonderful and awesome name of Jesus we declare that powerful prayer for conception conception shall happen in Jesus name when the time is right for the listener and their spouse praise God thank you Lord that you give children to the childless wife so that she becomes a happy mother and we thank you that you were the one who is building the family of the listener the fruit of the womb is.

Meditation for Fertility Infertility Adoption How to Meditate for Beginners BEXLIFE

Hey guys. it’s bex here and welcome to another tutorial in my series you have four minutes for Meditation. Today we’re doing a meditation for fertility. Music In Buddhist philosophy, it is believed that the soul actually chooses its parents. So babies know where they’re going before they’re even born and I’m a big fan of the Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo and she says even adopted babies pick their parents.

So this is a meditation for fertility or for just welcoming any special new baby into your life whether you are having the baby yourself or if you’re adopting the baby. Bringing a new life into the world is so stressful. I know. I’ve done it four times. So I want you to get comfortable wherever you are, whether it’s in a chair, on the floor like me or seated on a pillow. Place one foot in front of the other or sit in half lotus position or full lotus, whatever works for you.

Just get comfortable and get ready to feel amazing. place your hand downturned on your thighs or upturned to receive the energy around you. I like it this way because I love to receive all those good vibes that the universe is sending me. Next step is to close your eyes and remove all distractions from your sight line. Start by just paying attention to your breath. It’s extremely important when you’re taking on any big physical undertaking whether it’s pregnancy or bringing a new baby home, that.

You are completely easy and in tune with the vibrations of your body. And the most energetic vibration is your breath. Whether it’s fast or slow, easy, labored, deep or shallow, it doesn’t matter. Just recognize what’s happening in this moment. Next I want you to sit up nice and tall and to help you do that, go ahead and inhale your shoulders up to your ears, exhale your shoulder blades down on your spine. One more time. Deep breath inhale, exhale down your spine.

This should bring you seated up nice and tall with your shoulders over your hips and your chin parallel to the floor. If there’s noise happening around you, it’s OK. Allow it to come in and then go out of your mind easily. It hasn’t ruined your meditation. You must be prepared for lots of distraction once motherhood happens. For this meditation, I want you to focus on welcoming the new soul into your life. So.

We’re sending messages to that new future baby, a soul that is looking for you, that it is welcome and loved already. Focusing on your heart and by placing your hand over your heart, I want you to send the energy out into the universe and straight to that baby that says, You are loved. I am so ready to love you. You are welcome. I have so much love to give. You are wanted. You hold a special place in my heart already.

You can use those words or make up your own. just send that love out so that soul knows that it’s ready to come home. You are loved. You are wanted. There is space for you here. Continue to pay attention to your breath as you feel and send those loving messages. Allow yourself to receive love and kind messages back because you are already in a conversation with your future child. You are loved. You are wanted. There’s space for you here. I hold space in my heart for you.

Continue to breathe deeply and easily or with your next inhale, you may open your eyes to return. It’s that easy to send messages to that future baby to welcome new love into your heart and into your life. Now if you enjoyed this meditation, I would love for you to subscribe for new meditations every single week or leave your comments below. Suggestions and requests are always welcome and remember, sign up for my newsletter by clicking on the link in the tutorial description.

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