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How To Get Pregnant Naturally After A Tubal Ligation

How can I get pregnant with my tubes tied? Unless you’re having a virgin birth or goingthe high tech route with in vitro fertilization, it usually happens the normal way. What’s that? The same way 99.999% of all other babies areconceived. Do I need to explain how that happens? No, but I had my tubes tied so that I couldn’tget pregnant. If you still have ovaries and a uterus, youcan get pregnant. The tubal ligation is supposed to preventit by making sure there was no connection

between the two. s advertised that the failure rate wastwo in a thousand. More recent data analysis reveals that the failure rate is about twopercent, because the body tries to heal. That’s as effective as the birth controlpill. No, because so much more can go wrong withthe birth control pill. Whether you have a stomach bug or take antibiotics that neutralizeit, the failure rate for the pill is closer to five percent. An IUD would be a better solution, then.

Or a hysterectomy. That’s 100% effective,unless you somehow have two of them. Or having him get a vasectomy. Any kid bornafter double parent sterilization is going to cure cancer, conquer the world or inventwarp drive. There are risks if you get pregnant aftertubal ligation. Yeah, you’ve already given away all thebaby stuff. I meant a tubal pregnancy. That’s called an ectopic pregnancy. The treatment for that is usually surgery.If that happens, you might as well have the

ovaries taken out. I don’t want to go into early menopause.Fertility aside, I don’t want the risk of heart attack and osteoporosis to start early. But an unplanned pregnancy would give youearly gray hairs anyway.

Signs You Are Pregnant With Your Tubes Tied

What are the signs you are pregnant with yourtubes tied? In a lot of cases, the symptoms are the sameas when you are pregnant without trying to prevent it. Like morning sickness, fatigue, a lot of bodilychanges. I went through that with the first pregnancy, which is why I got my tubes tiedafter the second one. When you’re pregnant with your tubes tied,there are a number of signs to look out for. Like the urge to scream at the fornot doing it right? If you’ve had your tubes tied, you’reat greater risk of an ectopic pregnancy.

I’ve heard the term but do not know whatit means. An ectopic pregnancy is when the egg is fertilizedbut cannot make its way to the uterus. Because the tubes are tied. Yes. And the growing embryo is trying to growsomewhere that is not designed to contain it or expel it. That does not sound good. An ectopic pregnancy means you have an embryotrying to grow where it presses on the surrounding organs. If you have severe pain in your stomachthat won’t stop, that’s escalated over

time, you need to get to an ER. Do not they have to do surgery to fix that? Yes, because it is not like they can transplantthe embryo to the uterus. Whether they take out the embryo or an ovary too, depends onthe situation. I’d only heard of it as someone going inthinking they had appendicitis, and got the ectopic pregnancy diagnosis after they dida pregnancy test. Your odds of an ectopic pregnancy are higherafter you’ve had your tubes tied than normal, but your odds of getting pregnant after yourtubes tied is still one percent or less.

Given my luck, this is the only lottery Iwin. The odds of ectopic pregnancy after tuballigation are three times that of normal. But if it is a normal implantation, the rest ofthe pregnancy is as likely to be normal as the others. Except that I got rid of all the baby stuff. And you’re older, which means you have thehigher risks of prenatal diabetes and genetic defects than when you got pregnant a decadeago. What other symptoms could I have with pregnancyafter a tubal ligation?

If your period skips, you could be pregnantor hitting menopause. I’m not old enough for menopause. And thehot flashes are hard to mistake for anything but a symptom of that. But if you have pain on one side of your abdomen,it means you have something seriously wrong and need to see the , whether pregnancyor something else.

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