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How To Get Pregnant When You Cant Get Pregnant

theme music MAYA: Welcome to another episode of the Slumber Party. TOGETHER: Shh. laughter MAYA: Okay, we’re going to explain why we’re quiet. This is Melanie Fiona. She’s our good friend. She’s a talented singer.

Shannon: grammy winning singer. song plays And newly added to your title is? MELANIE: sings Mother! SHANNON: Mmhmm. MELANIE: Life force. SHANNON: Life force.

Maya: we have to be quiet because he’s next door. SHANNON: So baby Cameron, this is his first day on set. MELANIE: This is his first day on set. This is also my first day on set back after, after the birthing situation. MAYA: You’re doing pretty good. MELANIE: Thanks.

I got to work on my angles, put on some makeup, got my hair done. MAYA: Look at all this. This is what happens when you have babies. MELANIE: You get that length. SHANNON: So today we are talking all about motherhood. The babies that you’ve had, the babies that you might have, and the mom that you already had to begin with.

So of course you guys now take the quiz along with us, answer the questions, and we have an expert, speaking of questions. And what I love about you Mel, if you guys do not follow Melanie on Snapchat, as Maya would say, Get yo life,.

Because you just keep it real. So your biggest thing that you do is you’re a myth buster when it comes to being a momma. Can you give a couple of myth vs. reality of being a new mom? MELANIE: Um. MAYA: Jackie wants to know, look at her.

Melanie: jackie, look at you. Jackie, having a baby is nothing like having a dog. SHANNON: Everyone with dogs thinks that, you know? MAYA: I don’t think that. SHANNON: You don’t think that. MAYA: I don’t think that, I’m realistic. SHANNON: Some people are like, I have a dog, it’s kind of the same.

Melanie: it’s kind of the same MAYA: She’s like my little sister. Except for the fact that the baby I mean, it has its similarities, but being a mom is like one day you’re like, oh, I’m just like big and I’m watching TV,.

Can I Get Pregnant on My Period

I really need to ask you something. can i get pregnant on my period? Your body follows a schedule, such that your period starts about two weeks after you ovulate. For some women, the ovulation is a few days before their period. Could I get pregnant if I have sex during my period? No, you can’t, because your body is shedding the lining after a fertilized egg didn’t implant. Is my period the one time I cannot get pregnant?.

Yes, it is. though you shouldn’t be able to get pregnant the first days after your period ends, either. Could my body’s schedule be off? Ovulation may get turned off by stress, but it really isn’t delayed. But a heavy period could be a sign of an early miscarriage. I should have learned all of this in 8th grade health class, instead of how to put condoms.

On cucumbers. Stress can delay ovulation, such that you get pregnant later or not at all. But once the bleeding starts, you aren’t going to get pregnant if you have sex then. My boyfriend said A lot of cultures consider a bleeding woman impure. He may be saying you might get pregnant to excuse not having sex, or he may simply be ignorant.

I feel like an idiot. what should i do? If in doubt, use contraception. And if he has doubts, still use contraception. If in doubt, don’t do it. That’s a good rule, too. If my period is late, could I get pregnant? Not if you’re having your period, but it being late could mean you are pregnant. If in doubt,.

Do a pregnancy test. Can you bleed if you are pregnant? You might have light spotting when an embryo implants, or a light bleeding before your body gets the chemical message that it is pregnant so don’t have a period. I’ll tell him having sex now won’t make me pregnant, because I either can’t get pregnant or already am. That’ll shut him up from telling you stories like this.

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