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How To Guarantee Pregnancy

What is the best way to get pregnant with a boy? Become a carnivore. No, really. How can I guarantee that we have a boy? Unless you do IVF and only implant XY embryos, theres a 5050 chance its a girl. But vegetarians have 15% more girls than average. OK, so I need to start eating steak.

Remember to do that before you get pregnant. and your odds of having a boy are higher when the father is younger. Well, were not getting any younger discussing this. There is research that shows that conceiving when you ovulate is more likely to produce a boy. Having sex several days after you ovulate is more likely to produce a girl. So hit the bedroom when the ovulation test is positive. We can do that every night.

Actually, as the number of times you have sex goes up, the sperm quality goes down. And your odds of having a boy go down. What, then, should we do? Ideally, just have sex on the best night or two of your fertile week. You can do it as often as you want the rest of your cycle. Ive heard about all kinds of herbs and charms that improve your odds of having a.

Boy. There has been a preference for sons over history. After thousands of years and billions of attempts, if there was an XX / XY switch in our bodies, wed have found it by now. And today, all there is to do is wait for the sonogram. You can have amniocentesis, but that just tells you the gender after conception. There are s advertising that they can give you a choice.

Short of ivf with sperm sorting or aborting a daughter, no, they cant. Then were down to eating at the steak house every night and only having sex on the best night. Then your odds of having a boy go up to perhaps 55% versus 45%. So you still have decent odds of a daughter. Then shes going to end up in a blue nursery with race car logos on the walls.

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