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How To Improve Male Fertility

It’s kind of like a parasitethat’s just inside you but we choose to love it! It’s a very strange thingthat we do for survival. A woman’suterus can expand about 500 times in size during a pregnancy. 500 times? A uterus must be reallysmall to start with, God I hope so.

I thought my uteruswas like, already the size of a basketball. So like 500 basketballs. I guess it makes sense, cuz it’s really the volume of it thathas increased like crazy. What else could you fit up there? That’s like the wondersof the female body. In addition to her uterus,

a woman’s feet and heart could increase in size during pregnancy. That’s because we’re filled with love. Her heart gets bigger. Just enough room for a baby. Big feet, big hearts. Should be the slogan for pregnancy. I knew about the feet, though, I’m not

excited about that. I already have big feet. I mean, I guess itmakes sense cuz you’ve gotta be stable, because ifyou’re already frontheavy, That sucks cuz you have to buy new shoes. From the secondtrimester onwards, babies pee in the uterus, then theydrink it, then they pee again, then they drink it.

Ahh, gross! So then they’re justpeeing and breathing it in, cuz babies are basicallylike fish in the uterus. It’s confirmed my theory thateveryone was once an alien. Pee is sterile. That’s like some survivalman shit right there. Babies are gross. Babies pee and poop in people’s faces.

Like yep, of course it’s peeing in me and drinking its own urine. That sounds about right. Baby’s getting bigger,baby’s getting bigger, gonna need another pant size. Why, all of your organs get smushed! How do you breathe,everything’s just being pushed up. Is that the stomach?

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