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How To Increase Fertility In Sheep

I’m about to stop smokingand drinking for two weeks. (mild laughter) I am about to do thepregnancy diet for two weeks, which is about 1/20thof an actual pregnancy. My fiance’s pregnant,so I know a ton about the pregnancy diet. I think she’ll definitelyappreciate me doing this for a couple of weeks.

I’m excited to feel notpregnant, but healthy. I do want kids, I think that’d be fun. I think that it would be a veryfulfilling part of my life. I don’t want any kids, they’re terrible. But I empathize with thosewho are with children. Oh, shit, there are rules? Yeah. Okay.

Yo, being pregnant sucks, man. That’s a bummer. I like my deli meats. I like my hot dogs. Oh, the expensive stuff. Yeah. Yeah, I’m good. No red . . . Okay, so it’s got to belike scrambled, spongy eggs.

I don’t think it will be that hard, because it’s not likeI eat a ton of sushi. Oh, okay, hold on. That’s pretty bad. What? A day? I need coffee, though. (hip hop music) [Guy 1] Look who’s eating,what is that called again?

A sandwich. [Guy 1] Cold cuts. Cold cuts. [Guy 1] Look who’s eating cold cuts. Well, I’m not pregnant, you’re pregnant. Look who can’t eat cold cuts. I am at a drive thru.I have gone there a lot. I have never done a diet whereI couldn’t eat certain things

so I just don’t know what I can eat. It’s driving me crazy. (bell rings) I’m on day three of a pregnancy diet. Do you have any idea how I feel? Well, I’m on month seven. So, that’s only like 50 timesas much as you’ve been on it. But, I got to say, thefirst bit is the worst.

Vitamin D3 Supplements Increase Immunity and Brain Function

so vitamin d3 from VitaTree isa very special formulation now when a lot of people don’t realize is that inorder to absorb calcium efficiently so whether you are taking your whole foodcalcium which i strongly encourage that you do this is the best absorbed form ofcalcium you also need vitamin d three now vitamin d three help set absorptionto get that calcium into the bones where of course we need to go vitamin d3 threealso has a lot of other health benefits so things like immunity are immunesystem absolutely depends on vitamin d so are a lot of cancers now that arerelated to people living in areas that

are far away from the equator people that live in regions close thereader have much lower cancer rates and this is thisis absolutely astounding information but this is what mainstream medicine is nowfinding so we can’t overlook the importance of vitamin d now we know ofcourse that we get our natural vitamin d from natural sun exposure butunfortunately most of us here using sunscreen or are we live in areas wherewe don’t have sun threw out the year so strongly encourages specially in thewinter months

that your supplementing with VitaTreevitamin d3 this is a natural formulation its actually made from thesheep ‘s wool from lanolin so what happens is that much like areskin absorbs the sun raise converts into that indeed the same is true for sheep’s wool theirlanolin is in reaction now with the sun’s raise and they produce natural vitamin dthree and that’s the form of vitamin d that you definitely want to besupplementing with because that’s the form

that has the best absorption rates as well asthe best efficacy for working with are calcium in other minerals in our body vitamin d three from buying three are insmall littlejohn caps which you’re going to love their very easy to swallow we do recommend each capsule is onethousand international units of vitamin d three we do you recommend that you taking onetwo three per day specially throughout the winter months

children can take one caps and everydayhe can certainly squeezed the capsules so piercing and squeeze it ran into themout this is what we do with are younger kids so easy to do so important for not only the calciumabsorption but also the amune system as well as we need calcium and vitamin d to maintain our weight sostudies have shown that women and men

that are deficient calcium and vitamin dthree have difficulty losing weight diabetes is absolutely related to yourvitamin d three status so encouraging you do the research take a look at what thestudies are showing and when you are going to supplement make sure yoursupplementing with the best quality highquality vitamin d three and that’sexactly what you’re getting with VitaTree vitamin d three.

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