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How To Increase Fertility Of Land

(upbeat music) Hi, I’m Hannah, your friendly neighborhood wine mom and if you’re anything like me you believe that a glassof wine at eight P.M. makes you a better mom. The best part is you don’t even have to have kids

to be a wine mom. This evening, I’m bringing out something very, very special. This was a gift from my mom, who is also a wine mom. Her mom was also a wine mom. So I come from a long legacy of wine moms and this is almost like passing the torch.

And it says, quot;Finally, a wine glass quot;that meets my needs.quot; So technically, it’s one glass. (clinking of glass and wine pouring) Here’s why I’m drinking tonight. I desperately want a third child, but I really don’t want to be pregnant.

If I didn’t have to be pregnant, I would have, like, five more kids. I already have two boys, so, like, if the third was another boy I feel like I’d just kind of drown in the testosterone. It’s not the right time. It’s not happening for us right now.

So let’s drink. So that brings us to tonight’s topic, The Best and Werts, werts. The Best and Worst Parts About Being Pregnant So buckle up your seatbelts because we’re going togo on a wild fucking ride

and if you’re a wuss, get the fuck out. Including you, Kevin. [Kevin] What? If you’re a wuss. We’ll start on a positive note. No. We’ll start on a negative note.

How to Best Build Soil to Increase Profit When Organic Farming

Alright, this is John Kohler of growingyourgreens , today I’ve got another episode for you; i’m traveling, i’m here in WarrenVermont; I think. Almost standing in the middle of nowhere and I have no idea of where I am,I followed my GPS to get here and where i’m at is the Kingsbury Market Garden and theysell their produce through CSA, the muddy boots CSA and Some other CSA’s as well asthe local outlets. The reason i’m here today is to show you guys a different kinda farmor garden that I usually visit because this is a commercial operation driven by profitsto make money, because if the owner Aaron doesn’t make a living, he can’t pay us more,you know all this kinda stuff. So, I want

to show you guys some of his growing practicesthat allow him to be successful; whether you want to have your own farm, be successfulor whether you’re just a home gardener, you can gain knowledge from this information toadjust what you’re doing, so that you can be as successful as Aaron. One of the first things I want to talk aboutis the fertility that he brings to the land here: its next to a river, with silty andsandy soil, that’s definitely not optimal but he has being bringing and adding fertilitythrough local and inexpensive resources, to build fertility at the lowest cost so he cankeep his profit’s up. So that’s what I want

to show you guys first, what he uses to fertilizeand add nutrients to his garden. So let’s go ahead and check it out, I think we’ve gotsome piles right over here. So, this is the fertility that he uses primarily, right? Hewants to get local resources and use them on the farm here, so that there’s minimalcost for his imports. One number one is actually the Wood Chips, the wood chips gets dumpedhere by abreast, that need to get rid of them and normally would dump them. In the oldendays, there is an area actually over near the farm where people just dump the chipsand they’ll just build up and build up overtime, and they’ll actually just harvest the welldecomposed Wood Chips for a good fungal rich

compost. So he continues to add Wood Chipsfor this fungal activity, but also for the cabin that the wood chips contain. Now moreof them are just the Wood Chips, another thing that he uses; that actually, we don’t haveany piles of is actually the chicken manure’s. That stuff would stink and he said its compostedchicken manure, so we don’t have any raw stuff to show you, that’s two; and so the you’vegot the cabin sauce, you’ve got the nitrogen sauce and the manure, then you’ve got thissauce right here, and this is the stuff that he’s banking on and really he believes, madea difference in his garden. This stuff is known as the Bricks Brand (Rock Dust), byRock Dust local which he gets delivered here

by under $70 a ton. So he gets a lot of this stuff and he’s beingadding this to his soil for the last four years, he’s being farming on this propertyfor like five years or something like that. So he’s being using it almost from the beginning,and he has seen a difference in his growth, because the soil is not so fertile and hebelieves by making fertile soil, and from what he’s seeing , he’s getting higher yieldsand less disease on his land so that it can be more productive and more importantly, moreprofitable. So once he’s got this three imports, what he does is he actually combines themover here and there’s a parking sign; but

obviously, he combines the Rock Dust hereon top, with the Wood Chips, with the manure, so it’s all mixed and harmadronized togetherin a compost and then he spreads it out on he’s fields, maybe using the fall or somethinglike that. This adds to the fertility, plus he also uses some foliar sprays of *4:02*and some other minerals as needed. Epsom salts to add further trace minerals into he’s plants,so that they could grow healthy because he’s formally a believer in the power of traceminerals. He believes unlike standard organic farming and garden that quot;compost is the answerquot;,keep throwing on compost, everything will work itself out. Well I have seen challengeswhere just adding compost and compost, especially

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