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How To Make Pregnancy Ladoo

Namaskar! welcome to nishamadhulika . Today we are going to make saunt laddu. Saunt laddu is offered to new moms. Eating saunth laddu also reduces our joint pain caused when the weather is cold. So come, lets make saunt laddu. Dry ginger powder (Saunt) cup or 25 grams.

Jaggery (gur) 250 gram Grated coconut (Nariyal) 1 cup or 50 gram Wheat flour (Gehun atta) cup or 100 grams Desi ghee cup or 125 grams Almonds (badam) cup or 35 grams Gum resin (Gond) cup or 50 grams.

Pistachios (pista) 10 to 12 To make Saunt laddu, first well roast the gum resins. Add ghee to the pan. Let the ghee be medium hot. Gum resins are roasted in medium hot oil only. Now add the gum resins to it and roast on medium flame.

Roast the gum resin on medium flame otherwise it will not become fluffy and it will get dark in colour. Our gum resin is roasted and is brown in colour. Roast the remaining gum resin in the same way. Our gum resin is roasted. Add flour to the leftover oil. Keep stirring and roast the flour till it is brown in colour.

Cook it on medium flame. The flour is roasted and we will get a little fragrance from it. The oil is also separated. Our flour is roasted and ready. Take out the flour in a separate bowl. Add 2 tbsp ghee to the pan.

Now add saunt and dry ginger powder to the pan. Roast them on low flame. Keep stirring and roast the saunt for about 1 or 1 minute. Our saunt is roasted. Put it in the same bowl in which we have the wheat flour. Now add jaggery to the pan and let it melt.

Melt the jaggery on low flame. Till the time the jaggery is melted, let us grind the almonds. Cut the pistachios into thin slices. Grind the almonds using a mixer. The almonds are grounded, now let’s cut the pistachios. You can add dry fruits as per your choice.

Till the time our syrup is being prepared, let us grind the gum resin. Put the gum resin in a tray and press it using a rolling pin this way. Roasted gum resin is brittle, so it will grind very easily. Make sure the jaggery is pure otherwise all the dirt will remain in it. Then add the jaggery to everything and mix well.

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