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How To Pregnancy Care

Hi,my name is pam nichols. i’m a veterinarian in bountiful, utah, at animal care center. I’d like to talk to you today, about how to tell when your dog is pregnant. First thing is, we hope that you’re doing this responsibly, and that you’ve planned to breed your dog, and that you in fact, did witness the breeding, not that your dog was just running free, and happened to get pregnant. Second thing, is that after your dog has been bred, by day thirty, a blood test can be run ,that will confirm that’ she’s actually pregnant. By.

Day thirty, you will start seeing signs of pregnancy, but these signs can be very misleading, because every dog that has a heat cycle, will go through a false pregnancy, every single time, and this simply has to do with the dog’s corpus luteum, not disappearing until about day fifty, so dogs that go into heat, act like they’re pregnant, no matter what, for at least a month, or a month and a half, so at day thirty after breeding, take your dog to her vet. Have a blood test run, to confirm pregnancy. If you’re not sure at day thirty,.

Or if you don’t have time to take her at day thirty, you can take her in at day fifty to fifty five of gestation, and your vet can take xrays, and find out how many puppies are in,and what size the puppies are, and I actually recommend that for all of my pregnant dogs, just simply so we know, and especially, this is dogs that are at risk, for having cesarean sections, so dogs like poodles, and chihuahuas, and doxsins. Dogs that tend to have larger puppies than they’re able to deal with, able to deliver. We’d like you to have.

Xrays before delivery. other signs that your dog might be pregnant, would be her abdomen gets swollen. Her appetite may decrease. Her activity level may decrease. She may get a little more sedentary. She also may get more needy, and be hanging out with you more, and not want to leave your side. Dogs tend to get a little bit anxious, and then as gestation progresses, they’ll start doing things like panting heavily, because their belly is so big and swollen, and pacing a lot, and just not being able to get comfortable, standing.

Pregnancy Tips 1st Trimester Cooking Nutrition

Hi, im latham thomas, prenatal wellness expert with surebaby and the founder of Tender Shoots Wellness. Today, we are going to talk about your nutrition for the first trimester. Eating and pregnancy go handinhand. Now is the perfect time to change your diet and lifestyle. Its time to eat wholesome food and avoid foods high in saturated fats. During pregnancy, a few hundred extra calories from healthy foods is all the extra you really.

Need. since certain vitamin and mineral needs (like calcium and iron) go up, so adding foods rich in these nutrients is best for you and your growing baby. Remember to take your fortified prenatal vitamin daily with folate and check in with your medical provider to see which prenatal is best for you. During the first trimester, you may find it difficult to eat a balanced diet if you are experiencing morning sickness. One way to help prevent morning sickness is to have a.

Proteinrich meal for breakfast and dinner, and to eat at regular intervals throughout the day. This should consist of fresh fruits, nuts, seeds, yogurt, dried fruits, cut up veggies, dips like hummus and, of course, bottled water. Today, were going to make a quick trail mix that youll be able to take with you on the go. Take almonds (a good source of healthy fat and protein), dried apple (a good.

Source of pectin), raisins (which help to ease constipation), cashews (which are high in magnesium and a great source of healthy fat) and dried berries (a good source of antioxidants). Place it in a big bowl and mix it all together. Pack your trail mix in small baggies for your prenatal pantry on the go. Some other things to include in your prenatal pantry include granola bars, crackers, almond butter and bottled water.

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