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How To Pregnancy Test A Cow

BCF Technology Ultrasonography of the bovine reproductive tract tutorial 7 The nonpregnant cow

Now we’re going to look at another cow. You can either use the same glove or use a different glove depending on the protocols on the farm. We’ll use a different glove for this cow. You notice that I keep the ultrasound probe, the head of it, away from any potential hazards at all times. I will now grasp the probe again,.

Get some more lube; lubricate the surface of the probe. Up to our next cow, use the back of our hand, grasp the probe with the leading edge, hold it in the palm of our hand, use our thumb as a back stop. And go into the cow. We’ll again come to the cervical region.

We can retract the uterus into the pelvic canal, if need be, we don’t need to do that in this particular cow. If they do begin to strain, just allow it to pass, until they relax. And then gently proceed inwards. Ensure you have good contact.

Come to the body of the uterus. .travel up one uterine horn, up to the ovary. Come back down to the body of the uterus, up the other uterine horn, evaluate the ovary on that side. Back to the body.

And then out once more. And this is the process we follow to examine the reproductive tract, using ultrasound, in these cows.

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