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How To Prevent Pregnancy Nausea

Hey, guys, Axe here, of NaturalMedicine and Founder of DrAxe . In this tutorial, I’m going to teach you how to avoidmorning sickness in six simple steps. And I know morning sickness is something thatcan be torturous for people. What’s worse than feeling nauseous all day long? So inthis tutorial, I’m going to share with you how to start avoiding that in six simple steps. And number one thing you need to do if youwant to avoid morning sickness and overcome morning sickness is really pay particularlyclose attention to your diet. And first, avoid foods that can cause the feelings of nausea.Now, here are some of those common foods.

Number one is caffeine. If you are typicallya coffee drinker or consume a lot of caffeine, the problem there, especially when you’repregnant, it can cause issues with your blood sugar and your energy to go up and down. Whatwe want to create for you is a simple balance of energy and focus throughout the entireday. And blood sugar and insulin levels, when those insulin levels spike, it can cause usfeelings of nausea. So staying away from caffeine or going very light switching, from coffeeto tea is going to be a smart thing to do to avoid morning sickness. The other thing you want to stay away fromis foods that have a very strong scent. You

want to stay away from food such as cruciferousvegetables during that time. And again, I’m not telling you not to eat broccoli duringyour pregnancy, what I’m saying is if you are in that period of time where you’re feelingthat morning sickness, that nausea, cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli and Brussels sproutsand cabbage give off that cruciferous, that sulfur smell. And sulfurcontaining foodsand that smell can tend to make people feel nauseous. Eggs are similar. Egg are full ofsulfur, as are onions, and those can cause people to have that nausealike feeling orincreased morning sickness symptoms. The other thing would be seafood, such asfish. Now, there is particular concern with

some people about mercury levels. I do thinkdoing wildcaught Pacific salmon is completely fine. But I think, in general, for morningsickness, we know that seafood, whether it be shrimp or any type of fish, that can bringup morning sickness symptoms as well. And so those are the big ones. So again, if youhave morning sickness, I would really look at your fridge and have your spouse clearout those foods that might make you feel nauseous or cause morning sickness. And then, the number two thing to do is replacethose foods with foods that are more mild in flavor or more bland. And here are someof the best foods if you have morning sickness.

One of the top foods in Chinese medicine isrice or congee. So again, rice is really long, slowcooked rice, whether it’s white riceor brown rice. But doing rice or congee is one of the best things you could do. So youcould do a cream of rice for breakfast, you could do rice pudding for desert, just regularrice during the day, but rice is one of the best foods. The other thing is fruit. Just in general,fruit is bland, it’s easy to digest, has a mild sweetness to it. So again, doing fruitis great. The next would be cooked veggies. Now, not necessarily broccoli and cabbageand those, but things like carrots are fantastic.

And so carrots and squashes, like butternutsquash or pumpkin, those things are very mild, they’re easy to digest and also in Chinesemedicine, they’re nourishing to what’s called the earth element, which is really importantduring pregnancy. So again, squashes, those types of vegetables are great. You want tomake sure they’re cooked and not raw, but cooked vegetables. And then organic meat like chicken. Chickenis one of the best meats you can eat. And then, one of the best ways to get proteinis through bone broth. You could do a bone broth powder or a bone broth liquid. But abone broth soup is one of the best things

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