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How To Yoga During Pregnancy

Prenatal Yoga 5 Poses for All Trimesters

Adriene: Hey everyone! Welcome to Yoga with Adriene. I am Adriene and today we have a very special guest on the show, my friend Hilah. Hilah: Hi. Adriene: Welcome Hilah, thanks for being here. This is our first tutorial in the prenatal series, and obviously, as you can see, Hilah is beautiful and pregnant. So today we thought we would share with you five safe poses for every trimester. So these are the things that you can do at home and that feel safe and supportive that you can feel good in and repeat, so that you’re taking time to connect to your body and connect to baby and most importantly, connect to your.

Breath. So, if you’re ready, we’ll just jump right in. Hilah: I’m ready. Adriene: So, Hilah and I are both in a nice easy cross legged position. We can be cross legged or we can also go one foot in front of the other which is Siddhasana and you have nice open hips already, so this might be comfortable for you, but if this is not comfortable for you, we can come to that crisscross applesauce, something you’re going to be saying in no time. Trust me. I have 10 kids. Just kidding. So yeah, so we’re in Siddhasana or Sukhasana, just a nice comfortable seated position, where we will take the right hand to the belly.

Hilah: Hi baby! Adriene: And the left hand to the heart. And let’s just take a second, I know, and bump our mics simultaneously. And we’ll just take a second to tune in here, so nothing fancy and I say this to Hilah but I also say this to you, my friends, there’s no right or wrong here. For me, especially in prenatal yoga, the goal is to connect to baby, nurture the body, nurture the baby, but also just support your intuitive self, which sounds kind of cheesy but, it’s really so beautiful and so important as you prepare for birth to connect to your intuition. The body knows what to do, so it just kind of support that with a.

Little breath and a little faith. So we’ll just start by checking in with the breath. So we’ll loop the shoulders forward, up, and back. And we’ll exhale maybe close the eyes or soften the gaze here. Soften the fingertips as we connect right hand to belly, to baby. And Hilah was just telling me that she had a prenatal massage yesterday and the lovely lady who was rubbing her said to move the hand clockwise, right? Hilah: Clockwise. To help digestion. Am I doing it clockwise? Adriene: So you get a little bonus there. So we might incorporate that. Again, I feel like that’s about kind of about using your intuition. So all of the information you learned.

Yesterday coming into the practice. And then we’ll find stillness there and then just take a second here to use the hands to kind of scrape or graze the heart. Just kind of activating. Nice little boob rub there, too. And so the reason I do this is because we kind of get into that yoga robot mode especially if you’ve been practicing yoga before where we’re just like okay, right hand belly, left hand heart. We just kind of get into the sensation of it all. And then we’ll close the eyes and just notice the breath. You just take a moment here to honor the breath, each inhale of breath now for momma and baby, and each exhale an invitation to create space, to release any.

Stress, any tension, any potential worry or fear of the unknown. We’ll soften the skin of the face, even relax the jaw here, just find a moment of peace. And on your next inhale we’ll take a deeper breath, and on the exhale blow it out through the lips softly. Let’s try that again, we inhale a deep breath in, like we’re blowing out birthday cake candles here. And again we inhale. This time as you blow out, slide the right, excuse me, the left hand all the way down to meet the right. So now we have both hands here on the belly and we’ll just continue with that breath. Inhaling in through the nose and exhaling out through the lips, the mouth. And we’ll keep that going here at your own rhythm, Hilah,.

Nice and easy. Inhaling in both for Hilah and baby, exhaling to create space and cultivate peace. Inhaling lots of love in, and exhaling lots of love out. On your next inhale gently slide both palms now up towards the heart, we’ll bring the palms together here, just take a couple more breaths, we might begin to deepen the breath, inhaling in through the nose, and long exhale out through the lips or the mouth. So keep this going, Hilah, and I’ll just talk to you guys for a second. So as we move into prenatal practice at whatever stage, I encourage you to kind of take a break from those powerful feisty, fiery heating breaths, and move into a more calming Pranayama practice. And Hilah.

Yoga during pregnancy Daily Rountine 10 Minute YogaYoga during pregnancy

Yoga during pregnancy |Daily Rountine 10 Minute Yoga|Yoga during pregnancy.

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