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Ovulation Predictor Test Lh How To Read

Why is my ovulation test positive for 5 daysin a row? Even I know it should not be like that. Are you sure you aren’t trying pregnancytests instead? It is time for me to ovulate, but it shouldnot be positive this long. You’re right. It should only be positivefor the day the ovulation hormone surges. That’s the hormone the ovulation test isreading. The hormone is normally high the day beforeor the day of ovulation. It may still be a little high the day after ovulation, but isfalling back toward normal.

So why is my level high? I’m assuming you are not staring at thesame test, expecting it to change. Or using the same urine sample. These are different ovulation tests. If they all came from the same batch, it ispossible they are all bad, but that is unlikely. Check to see if the control strip looks rightto determine if the test itself is bad. I know that if the pregnancy test controlstrip is not glowing to ignore the main strip result.

However, five days positive in a row wouldbe unusual. It seems to be normal for me. Are you taking fertility meds that could bestimulating ovulation? If I were, I’d be afraid to get pregnantfor fear of quadruplets. If you are not doing fertility treatments,the most likely cause is polycystic ovaries. Oh, no. That means the positive ovulationtests are as bad as a positive pregnancy test for a guy. A positive pregnancy test by a guy means heprobably has prostate cancer. Cysts on the

ovaries will put out extra hormones and messwith your hormones, but it is not life threatening. I think there’s a most of the time disclaimer. The cysts on the ovaries do mean you are morelikely to have pain at ovulation, some bleeding internally when multiple eggs release, andhormonal imbalances that decrease your odds of conception. And here I was worried about multiples. Actually, polycystic ovaries does increaseyour odds of multiples, along with mood swings, bursting cysts mistaken for appendicitis andthe risk of ectopic pregnancy.

How do they treat it? It can involve removal of the ovaries. I want to have kids. To get your hormones under control, birthcontrol is often used, especially with ovarian pain at ovulation. Then you try your mightiestthe one month you want to get pregnant. And then hope for nothing more than twins.

How to Use Ovulation Kits

Another great tool that you and your partnercan try using if you want to conceive is ovulation kits. They can easily help you determine when yourbody is going to release an egg to determine when you are most fertile. The egg only has a life span of 1224 hours.Sperm on the other hand can live up to 3 days. Conception is most likely to occur if thereis sperm present the day before, the day of, or the day after ovulation has occurred. Ovulation kits work by testing the amountof luteinizing hormone you have in your urine.

This hormone is always present in your urine,but when there is an increase is when the most fertile days are in sight. This LH surge is an indication that ovulationwill occur, meaning that an egg will be released from an ovary. You may want to note that if you have beentaking medications for infertility, it is likely that your treatment may interfere witha correct reading. There are other conditions that may increaseLH levels, for example, the onset of menopause. Some women plainly don’t ovulate every ovulationcycle. In this instance, you will not see

an LH surge. If you have Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome, ovulationkits may not give you reliable result either because of the hormone imbalances you areexperiencing. You may want to talk with your aboutpregnancy if you have this condition. To know when the best time to start usingovulation kits, you will need to know how long your cycle is.This is calculated by the first day of menstruation (day one) to the day before your next dayof menstruation in a new cycle. If you have an irregular cycle, you may wantto take an average of the last few months

to give you a rough estimate. Ovulation, in most cases, happens right smackin the middle of your cycle. You should start testing with the kit a fewdays before your expected ovulation. Make sure that you read all the instructionsthat come with your ovulation kits. They will normally inform you that the besttimes to test range from 11am to 3pm and 5 pm to 10 pm. Unlike pregnancy tests, it is not recommendedthat you use these kits in the morning. To make sure you catch the LH surge, you shouldtest twice a day.

To ensure good results, you want to reduceyour liquid intake. You should have intercourse within 24 to 48hours after your LH surge.

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