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Tips On How To Help Get Pregnant

The fact that women just walk around and they’re like human making factories, that’s crazy. (upbeat music) A woman’s uterus can expand about 500 times in sizeduring a pregnancy. Not even five times, not 50 times, 500 times its normal size.

Wow, uh, that’s a lot. What happens to all the innards? I feel like a uterus500 times its normal size is the size of me. This is my uterus. Is that how big a normalwoman’s uterus is? In addition to her uterus, a woman’s feet and heartcould increase in size

during pregnancy. I thought here feet increased in size just cause like, you know, swelling. I would imagine thatthe feet have to be bigger so that you can balancewhile you’re carrying a person inside of you. The feet made me just think, yeah cool, feet grow,but your heart grows?

Is that a good thing? Yeah, your heart can pump more blood so they should be better at exercise. There’s just too much love and blood flow. From thesecond trimester onwards, babies pee in the uterus,then they drink it, then they pee again,

then they drink it. ♫ The circle of life ♫ That reads like a horror movie script. Are you giving birth to Bear Grylls? I think babies even afterthey’re out of the uterus, they still drink their own pee. We have pee brains. And here we go, the miracle of life.

We’ve got somebody producing hormones, otherwise known as fairy dust apparently. Something just exploded in her butt. The bladder isjust getting crushed right now. That’s a baby growing. Oh, it’slower than I thought. Like where do the intestines go? You’d think the woman’s stomach

Trying to Conceive Tips for Getting Pregnant Faster Parents

Now that you and your partner have decidedto get ready for a baby, you probably want to get started right away. I am ObosaOsawe. Here are five ways to set the stage for a speedy conception. Maintain a healthyweight � a minimum of 22 % body fat is necessary to ovulate normally and carry a pregnancy,but being overweight can alter your hormone chemistry and prevent ovulation, so find abalance. Next, eat right. Good nutrition is especially important when you are trying toget pregnant. You will need plenty of vitamins and minerals to prime your body for pregnancy.Also, quit smoking. Smoking is associated with early miscarriages, low birth weight,and other issues, and it’s definitely not

good for you anyway. Know your cycle � keeptrack of when you’re ovulating, and have sex the day before, the day of, and the day after.Timing is really important. Finally, when you have sex, avoid lube. Lube creates anadditional barrier for sperm. They already have to cross the woman’s cervical mucus toreach the egg, so this extra hurdle doesn’t help. Plus the stimulants in lube can damageindividual sperm. Most importantly, don’t stress about getting pregnant right away.Relax and enjoy this exciting time with your partner..

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